What We’re Looking Forward To In NHL 12

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Article
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By Andy Nighthorse

Be A Pro – Revamped

 Be a Pro mode returns in NHL 12 with a host of new features.   In this installment, a key feature is to earn your ice time.  Your coach will assign tasks for every shift that you play to help the team out.  The more tasks that you complete the more trust you will earn from your coach which will lead to additional ice team.  Advance from a 4th liner playing 5 minutes a game to a 1st liner playing 17-20 minutes a game.

Ever dream of having an entire Junior’s career before being your career as an NHLer?  In NHL 12, you will be able to do just that.  In prior years, you were only offered an option to play in the Memorial Cup Playoffs, however in NHL 12 you will be able to play through an entire 4 year CHL career before being placed in the NHL Entry Draft.  Play well and rise through the rankings in hopes of being drafted #1 in the NHL.

Anticipation A.I.

New this year is “Anticipation A.I.”  No longer will players wait until an action occurs before reacting on the ice.  For example, when a puck is going to be retrieved easily by a defenseman, a superstar like Alexander Ovechkin will begin his turn up ice to get in a lane for a breakout pass.  Previously, only would the actual retrieval of the puck from the defenseman then trigger Ovechkin to turn and head up ice.  This will lead to overall smoother gameplay and a more realistic hockey experience.

NHL 12 Full Contacts Physics Engine

Improving upon NHL 11’s physics system is this year’s full contact physics engine.  Prepare for players to be checked through the glass, hit into the benches, goalies knocked over, and nets knocked off their moorings.  Size and strength will be major factors in a lot of these interactions and bigger, stronger players will be able to dominate other smaller opponents in the physical game.  Puck physics have also improved which will create a more realistic experience.

Dynamic Goalies

For the first time this year, goalies will be live just as players.  Goalies can now be knocked over and will react with players on the ice such as battling through screens to make saves.  How many times as a goalie have you wanted to thrown down like an enforcer?  Prepare for battle this year as goalie verse goalie and goalie verse player fights have been introduced.

Signature Traits

In addition to Anticipation A.I., players will also play as their real life counter parts.  Ranging from dump & chase grinders to one time specialists to net agitators, prepare for the most realistic experience playing with or against your favorite players.  Tomas Holmstrom will crowd the crease, Steven Stamkos will go down to one knee on one-timers, and the Sedin’s will play a cycle game to set up scoring chances.  Goalie personalities will also be noticeable with goalies such as Tim Thomas & Martin Brodeur coming out of the crease to play the angles while more conservative goalies like Henrik Lundqvist will play further back in the net and rely on reaction speed.

New Presentation/ Action Tracker

   Presentation has been overhauled in NHL 12 and the new Action Tracker is a major integration.  Recording everything from where you shoot to what your face off percentage is in your defensive zone, the new Action Tracker has got you covered.  Replay any moment from the game by accessing this feature & reliving a quick clip of the moment.

Winter Classic

   The NHL Winter Classic is finally here.  Experience the thrill one of the most exciting games of the year by participating in the Winter Classic.


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